~A Veteran~

A veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve - is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America, for an amount of "Up to and including my life". That is honor, and there are far too many people in this country who no longer understand it. - Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Soldiers' Mother's Crown of Thorns

A soldier deployed to Iraq in 2005. He was awarded several purple hearts, and Army Accommodation awards. He served the unit with honor and professionalism. He saw horrors that he wanted to forget.

When he returned home, he was engaged to a woman that had her sights on over powering him and controlling his mere existence. She was married, but soon got a divorce from her former felonious husband. She was suppose to wait 60 days before getting married, according to the state law, but she decided to leave the state and get married instead. She thought this would nullify the state laws. Perhaps it worked.

Several weeks later, the soldier was busy cleaning his yard preparing for a weekend get away with his new wife and her kids that he embraced as his own. There were several arguments leading up to that day...

That fateful day, the soldier died. He was found hanging in a shed door opening. He was found by the new wife, who promptly called her own daddy to come help her. Her daddy cut the soldier down, and later disposed of the rope. She also called her EX husband, and finally she called 911. The soldier was clean. He had a bruise on one side of his head. Still quite purple and blue. The rope marks were very low at the base of his neck. While he lay in his coffin, his mother traced the rope marks with her finger tips. She wanted to memorize them, and she didnt know why.

His body showed no signs of the 'final attempt' to release himself from the rope, nothing under his nails but the dirt from working in the yard--and the coroner did not bother to clean him up. Had they known this soldier, they would have known how peticular he was about always having clean nail beds. His body had not released from bladder or bowel, there was no signs of blood. The shed door opening was 6ft in height. The soldier was 5'10", and he was on his knees according to the new wife's summary. There was an empty pill bottle next to him with the label missing. The wife said it was his pain killers for his previously injured heel. There were 3 or 4 cans of beer around on the ground, one partially consumed. The others were not opened. This soldier was finicky about his nails, but even more so about his beer. It wasnt his brand. It was however, the new wife's EX husbands.

The coroner said it was suicide. He closed the case, because he also owned the mortuary where the soldier was prepared, and he owned the cemetery (private) where the soldier was buried.

The soldiers' mother has fought for 4 years to prove SHE was the rightful 'owner' of her son and all his belongings. She has a government document, a DD93 that states she is the recipient of his SGLI and she is his Executor of his personal belongings.
However, the STATE decided for the new WIFE.

The soldiers' mother tried a few other angles to get possession of her son's body. She tried to prove the wife was in fact ILLEGALLY married to her son, because of the statue of law in the state specifically related to the 60-day wait.

She hired shoddy lawyers (family law) who had no true desire to help the soldiers' mother, but instead take all of her personal property and the LUMP SUM of the SGLI for 'payment' for doing work on the cases. In the end, the attorneys held possession of her property and a power of attorney to be able to lock the soldiers' mother up in a state insanity hospital.

For 4 years, the soldiers' mother has been trying to peel back the layers of lies, all while fighting with the alleged wife of her son for answers. The mother wants to know why her son would take his life, when he was just 5 weeks into his first marriage. Why would he take his life when he purchased a new vehicle for his new family. Why would he take his life, when he had just gotten an hourly raise at work.

Was he a victim of PTSD like the new wife claimed? He had not exhibited any of the first few signs of PTSD. Did it just come upon him all of a sudden in a single day?

Why didn't the mortician or coroner do an autopsy? Why didn't the police department collect evidence and photographs of the incident? Why isn't there some recourse for the mother of this soldier to get answers??

After 4 years, this soldiers' mother has decided who exactly has the answers. And she plans on getting those answers on Saturday. She is going to ask her son--the soldier--in person.

This mother is willing to leave her other two children (both grown) alone in this world without her, to find the answers she seeks.

Why wont the Army help? Because it is a conflict of interests between helping the mother and helping the spouse. Why wont the courts help? Because the slap shod lawyers never process the correct forms, thus the mothers cases get thrown out, dismissed, or the the new wife's 'criminal defense' attorneys are able to wind through the documents and slip through. Why wont someone tell the truth about what happened that day? Why does this mother feel the need to take her own life to get the answers???

Her crown of thorns.

For 4 years, this soldiers' mother has mourned the death of her son. For 4 years she has lived and breathed his death--never getting closure. For 4 years the new wife of the soldier has been in 3-4 different relationships, had numerous more children, and taunts the soldiers' mother with photos online of his personal belongings.

We may lose a soldiers mother this weekend. Because justice truly is blind.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

9/8-SICK OUT day for school aged children!

Have you read any transcripts thus far as to the content or subject of Obama's Internet speech to the children? Do you have a child between PRE-K and 12th grade?
Well by authority of Obama, he wants to deliver an undisclosed speech to YOUR child AT SCHOOL on Sept 8th.

MY CHILD will be sick that day. Swine flu. It is going around...allergic to swines.
My child will NOT BE indoctrinated by BO.

Homeschooling kids do not have to worry about the indoctrination speech. Lucky for them. I wonder---is BO going to invade private schools? Do HIS children have to listen to him droll on and on about nothing. Oh wait. They live with him. I am sure he makes time to indoctrinate his own kids.

NOT MINE! As a PARENT, I CHOOSE what my child learns. If I am not satisfied with a text book offered by the school, I purchase another to teach my child the TRUTH, verses a watered down PC version of some liberal text. This happens often... I should home school.

Here is the true deal. Obama knows he has lost the interest and support of the following in this Nation:

Military and Military Families
Small Business Owners
Some Corporations
Non Union members
blue collar workers
the unemployed
the partially employed
Private business owners
Intelligent READERS
Middle Class Americans
Upper Class Americans
Middle aged Americans
Anyone with a disabled child
Anyone who clings to their guns and bibles
PRO LIFE supporters

what is left? Who can he try to manipulate? The YOUNG of course. THE CHILDREN. He thinks if he gives this big huge speech to the CHILDREN that they might pester their parents to follow along with his mandates!

Not exactly Mr Usurper. What will happen is the children will chat about what BO said. Then the PARENTS will tell them the TRUTH, and dispel your BS Mr. BO. So it might generate some conversation, but in the end, the parents WILL debunk your skunk.

Meanwhile, as parents we get to see the version of his speech the WH posts AFTER its all said and done.

This is a PERFECT example of REMOVING your right to CHOOSE as parents. We SHOULD be able to see the content of this speech and decide if we want our children exposed to it. It wont happen though. Not with BO in the WH. So instead we take a SICK DAY.

Frankly speaking, the Americans of this Nation are SICK to death of BO and his BS.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lockerbie Bomber-Terrorist Has nothing to lose...

So the terrorists responsible for 270 American deaths has been released because he has prostate cancer. Libya cheered at his arrival.

Question is, how long is it before he boards a plane again. This time, as a physical bomber, strapped with explosives to martyr himself because he has NOTHING TO LOSE!

Will Libya monitor his every move, or is he free as a bird? Will our CIA monitor him as a POTENTIAL THREAT which is exactly what he is!

Abdel Baset al-Megrahi is a Terrorist. Nothing more. Now he is free.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gitmo TERRORIST-Detainee's going to Michigan?

Lets see... Gitmo terrorists are going to be relocated to the United States.
Forget the issue of NON US citizens who are TERRORISTS being given AMERICAN RIGHTS and AMERICAN Judicial rights.
Forget that these Terrorists wanted/want nothing more than to ELIMINATE Americans.

Lets focus on WHERE they are possibly being relocated to. And while we discuss this, lets also not forget what little school Obama went to in Jakarta....

Where is the BIGGEST concentration of Muslims in America? Where has this large concentration of Muslims recently attacked Christians for asking a question.
Here is a hint. A town called Dearborn, Michigan.

Dearborn, Michigan now has the largest single concentration of Arab Muslims in North America. There are 32,000 Arab Muslims from Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq living in East Dearborn, making up almost 1/3 of the population. In some districts it is common to see store signs and billboards written in Arabic.

Now where is the proposed Terrorist relocation center located in Michigan?
Standish, Michigan.
Exactly 2 hours and 20 minutes away from Dearborn, Michigan.

The people of Standish, Michigan are divided 50-50 about the possible relocation to the high security prison. DIVIDED??? DIVIDED??? What is there to even contemplate?? NOTHING! It is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY!! Why isn't "homeland security" worried about this? Why hasn't anyone in Main Stream Media even touched this subject about the proximity of the LARGEST Muslim population being a mere 2 hours and 20 minutes away from the largest TERRORIST prisoners???

ASK YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and SENATORS what is the Administration thinking!

Contact Homeland Security and EXPRESS your OUTRAGE!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Color Of Change Bullies and Racists

Why is Color of Change attacking Glenn Beck? Because he is a WHITE guy who shows the FLAWS and DESTRUCTION of our Nation by the hand of Obama. Not the hand of a black man, because Obama is black AND WHITE.

Color of Change-- what would the "colorful' people of the Nation do if a group was formed called "Rainbow of Change" and consisted of tan, brown, white, olive, pink etc ethnic groups of people? Oh those big babies would cry FOUL because of some stretched out LIE about how the group was racists.

Or how about a group called "Pale People of America's Past"?? A group designated for Caucasians to go through their genealogy and share family history information and stand together for change in America. How about that? WHY cant Caucasians group together and form a dot.org? Because it would be considered racist! EVEN IF IT ISN'T!

I want a group that honors Native American, Irish, Germans! MY relatives were ABUSED, KILLED, ENSLAVED, and put into hard labor too! YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONES! My RELATIVES came across the ocean in boats too! My relatives got starved out by gangs, and killed, and got diseases, and pushed in the mud!

My relatives got taken advantage of CONSTANTLY! Why cant I have a group to "RECOGNIZE" the pains and atrocities formed against MY relatives?

Do I live my life teaching my kids how the 'white man' did our family lineage wrong? Constantly crying about how unfair it is because of this or that--or how their relatives were forced to work the railroads, and enslaved and constantly sold?

NO. Because it doesn't matter! We are NOW not facing slavery and mass killings of races. RIGHT NOW we are FREE AMERICANS. BLENDED ethnic groups of a PEOPLE.

And how DARE you put yourselves above the REST of the Americans in this Nation. HOW ARROGANT and SELFISH!