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A veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve - is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America, for an amount of "Up to and including my life". That is honor, and there are far too many people in this country who no longer understand it. - Author Unknown

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Illegals being given MORE Rights??

If this Nation is to resolve the problem of illegal immigration we have to STOP giving illegals free hand outs, free services, cash jobs that afford them to not pay taxes, and employers who either do not claim them, or do not sign them up for benefits because they do not possess the appropriate documents. IE: Citizenship documents.

When a RAID is conducted and illegals are deported back to whatever country they came from, it is at a minimum a means to an end to make them aware that if they want to be apart of a society to prosper, they have to follow RULES and come to America LEGALLY.
What the founder of this group fails to understand, is that the illegal immigrants DO NOT HAVE the American Constitutional Rights. They are ILLEGALS.

Then you have these groups who continue to assist the illegal immigrant by offering them:

The financier Robert Hildreth on Monday announced that he has given money to start the National Immigrant Bond Fund, which will bail out illegal immigrants who are arrested while on the job, reports National Public Radio.

Mr. Hildreth, a Boston resident, got the idea for the fund last year when 400 undocumented immigrants were arrested at a leather factory in New Bedford, Mass. About half of them were quickly deported.

“Bond is important because it starts the whole process of realizing the rights you are guaranteed by the constitution of the United States,” Mr. Hildreth said. Organizers said they had $200,000 in hand and would like to raise $500,000 for the fund.

A Unsolved Soldier's Death In Alabama

In a small county outside of Birmingham, Alabama; a soldier died in 2006. There, a family still mourns his death and still has unanswered questions. Meanwhile the common law widow has since moved on evident by having a baby by another man, but continues to receive DIC benefits from the VA for the death of the soldier.

The soldier is buried in a lonely graveyard (orchestrated by the widow) away from the family graveyard where he would have been buried with his ancestor's pre-dating the Civil War. (Military Ancestors) No one visits the soldier with the exception of his mom and his siblings. The cemetery is private, the plot is private, and the headstone is a "child's size." (there are photos to prove it)

Last year there was a restraining order against the mother of the soldier that limited her visitation to the grave to 15 minutes a week or less if the widow showed up. That has since been reversed, but it has taken over a year of court battling to do so.

All the family of the soldier wants is an autopsy of the soldier to determine if what the Coroner concluded within his 20 minute "look around" was true. It is hard to fathom that this brave soldier, a hero to many in his unit and many iraqi civilians, commited suicide. The evidence at the time suggests it can not possibly be. Yet the widow makes sure with her criminal attorneys' assistance, that this soldiers' death may never be fully examined.

As court appeals have heated up, and disclosure forms have been submitted by the soldiers' family, the widow increases her obstinacy towards anyone who doubts her validity on what happened that fateful day. She makes cruel remarks that suggest she is doing oddities unaware to others, and has gone so far as to post a message in French, suggesting she has ordered the soldier exhumed and cremated to dissolve all evidence.

Recently the family spent Independence Day (one of the soldiers' favorite holidays) graveside, and brought his favorite patriot rockets, flags, and flowers to place at his marker. The mom of the soldier noticed that after two years, the grass covering his plot was still not "grown in" and the edges of the plot had a carved outline, as if they had recently been tampered with. So they outlined the plot with the patriot rockets (notice the black markings) and took a photo. The plot next to the soldier had a burial a few months after the soldier's. Notice the ground difference?

Perhaps those idle threats of the widow in French.....but what recourse does the mom have? None according to the Dept of the Army. It is after all, a CIVIL matter.

Have a look for yourself.

In this small county a coroner (who happened to own the mortuary where the soldier was embalmed and prepared and then buried in the cemetery owned by the same mortuary)...pronounced it a suicide after glancing at this hero who served our country for about 20 minutes.

Where is this soldiers justice?

Below is a blog report FROM THE MOTHER OF THE SOLDIER. You decide....

(Everything to follow is under Copyright ©2008 by P.Smith.)

Symptoms of PTSD fall into three main categories:

1. Repeated "reliving" of the event, which disturbs day-to-day activity

Recurrent distressing memories of the event
Repeated dreams of the event
Flashback episodes, where the event seems to be happening again and again
Physical reactions to situations that remind you of the traumatic event

2. Avoidance

Inability to remember important aspects of the trauma
Lack of interest in normal activities
Feelings of detachment
Sense of having no future
Emotional "numbing", or feeling as though you don't care about anything
Less expression of moods
Staying away from places, people, or objects that remind you of the event

3. Arousal

Irritability or outbursts of anger
Sleeping difficulties
Difficulty concentrating
Exaggerated response to things that startle you
Excess awareness (hyper vigilance)
You also might feel a sense of guilt about the event (including "survivor guilt"), and the following symptoms, which are typical of anxiety stress and tension:

Feeling your heart beat in your chest (palpitations)
Agitation, or excitability

When Brian came home from Iraq, he showed no signs of suffering from PTSD. We had, many times, spoken of these things. We spoke about what he was to experience before he went to Iraq, while he was in Iraq, and after he came home from Iraq.

War changes people. We both knew and accepted that. HOW it changed him, and those of us left here at home, was directly affected by the way we prepared for what he was about to experience. Brian came through the very bowels of hell a better man, a stronger man, a more confident man, with hope for the future, and with a closer relationship to God.

For anyone to say that he suffered from PTSD and hung himself, is to dishonor him in the most vile of ways. It is a slanderous lie, and *they should be beheaded in the public square for it.

*THAT...is called "Emotion".

I have earned the right to feel this way. I bled for Brian. I grew up with him. I know every scar, every mole, every broken bone, every heartache, every fear, every desire, every love of that boy...that Man...That "Answer to my Prayers". NO ONE can take that from me.

*THAT is how I feel about the people involved in my son's case. I feel this way, not only because of the dishonor they placed upon my brave Soldiers name, but because of the trauma they have caused to Brian's brother and sisters, and to me.

I have all of the above mentioned symptoms of PTSD. My surviving children have a mix of them. My daughter went from a straight-A student to a drop out in the 12th grade. She's lost interest in the "future". My youngest son went from being a gentle giant to a time bomb just waiting for someone to let him take out his anger on them. Both of them have physical signs of stress. My daughter is having serious "female" problems, her hormonal balance is off the scale. My son has been losing weight at a steady rate and has developed a serious dislike for anyone who isn't in his circle of friends. I believe he could stomp a hatchling chick without remorse.

I do fear what I might do if faced with running into the people who have disgraced my son. I have even gone as far as attempting to file a restraining order ON MYSELF (THAT, Sticky, is why the order still stands). Once I tried that, and the Judge saw the "fifteen minutes" at my own son's grave, he changed it. I can now go and visit my son anytime I want.

I decided to go visit Brian's grave this past July 4th. My youngest son and I went up there and fired off four Patriot Rockets and several other rockets, because Brian loved the 4th of July.

The day after we went there, this is what the "widow" aka "Sticky Rear" posted about it:


The only thing I can say to her is:"Got God"?

My focus has now turned towards the people who call themselves "Governors", "Lawmakers", "Detectives", "Coroners" because I have a very, VERY important wake-up call for them as far as their "investigation" and ability to uphold the law goes (in my son's case).

I take issue with a Coroner who can call over 700 deaths in a year and NEVER make a mistake. If this man is God, then why is he working for the poorest County in Alabama? He should be working for Orange County California!

The very first thing that comes to mind is, who made the call on that WEEKEND, that Brian was married? Who was it that looked at the Marriage License and, in their infinite wisdom, declared it to be fact? Didn't they think to check and make SURE the certificate was valid? This is the age of computers. Ten year old's can make one hundred dollar bills that look real.

Secondly, I know for a FACT that there is money set aside to hook every county up in every state, TO EVERY STATE, in regards to Felons, adoptions, marriage/divorce certificates, Gun Permits, Pedophiles, Terrorists, hell, you can even track the location of a DOG! That money comes from the Violence Against Women's Act and was distributed in 1985. In Alabama ALONE the amount of Grant money distributed is astounding.


Why didn't someone take the time to make sure the marriage was legal? We all KNOW it wasn't NOW. THAT certificate is illegal as it clearly proves that a FELONY has been committed. That Felony is "Bigamy". As a matter of FACT, Sticky's Attorney's now claim that she and Brian were married under "Common Law" from the date of the expiration of the 60 day court order attached to her divorce until the date of Brian's death...about 30 days.

WHY, then, has it been two years and 14 days since my son died and no one, other than myself and my Attorneys, has said "Wait a minute. We have a problem here".

For heavens sake, you made a mistake! You're HUMAN...IT HAPPENS! Reopen the case. Oh, but wait...there is something missing, now isn't there...


Evidence Collection Guidelines

This document provides evidence collection guidelines for the following types of evidence. Your agency's policies may vary. Please check with your supervisor if you have any questions.

Blood Stains
Seminal Stains
Fibers and Threads
Flammable Liquids
Firearms Evidence
Tool Marks
Controlled Substances and Medicinal Preparations
Questioned Documents
Latent Fingerprints

Collection and Preservation
of Evidence
by George Schiro
Forensic Scientist
Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory

Once the crime scene has been thoroughly documented and the locations of the evidence noted, then the collection process can begin. The collection process will usually start with the collection of the most fragile or most easily lost evidence. Special consideration can also be given to any evidence or objects which need to be moved. Collection can then continue along the crime scene trail or in some other logical manner. Photographs should also continue to be taken if the investigator is revealing layers of evidence which were not previously documented because they were hidden from sight.

Most items of evidence will be collected in paper containers such as packets, envelopes, and bags. Liquid items can be transported in non-breakable, leak proof containers. Arson evidence is usually collected in air-tight, clean metal cans. Only large quantities of dry powder should be collected and stored in plastic bags. Moist or wet evidence (blood, plants, etc.) from a crime scene can be collected in plastic containers at the scene and transported back to an evidence receiving area if the storage time in plastic is two hours or less and this is done to prevent contamination of other evidence.

Once in a secure location, wet evidence, whether packaged in plastic or paper, must be removed and allowed to completely air dry. That evidence can then be repackaged in a new, dry paper container. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD EVIDENCE CONTAINING MOISTURE BE PACKAGED IN PLASTIC OR PAPER CONTAINERS FOR MORE THAN TWO HOURS. Moisture allows the growth of microorganisms which can destroy or alter evidence.

Any items which may cross contaminate each other must be packaged separately. The containers should be closed and secured to prevent the mixture of evidence during transportation. Each container should have: the collecting person's initials; the date and time it was collected; a complete description of the evidence and where it was found; and the investigating agency's name and their file number.

Each type of evidence has a specific value in an investigation. The value of evidence should be kept in mind by the investigator when doing a crime scene investigation. For example, when investigating a crime he or she should spend more time on collecting good fingerprints than trying to find fibers left by a suspects clothing. The reason is that fingerprints can positively identify a person as having been at the scene of a crime, whereas fibers could have come from anyone wearing clothes made out of the same material.

Of course if obvious or numerous fibers are found at the point of entry, on a victim's body, etc., then they should be collected in case no fingerprints of value are found. It is also wise to collect more evidence at a crime scene than not to collect enough evidence. An investigator usually only has one shot at a crime scene, so the most should be made of it.


Where is the rope?

Where is the pill bottle?

Where are the beer cans?

Where is the document that you were shown that said they were married?

Where is the evidence list?

Why wasn't the swelling and bruising on Brian's cheek (clearly seen in the Coroner's photographs) noted in the case files?

Why wasn't my son's head and hands bagged before he was moved?

Why weren't his nails scraped?

When you make the words "suicide" and "veteran" synonymous, you create the perfect blueprint for murder.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

DEMS DISHONEST--What a Shock--About WMD's and IRAQ


Myself and others grow weary of hearing that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction---

I guess Saddam used laughing gas and air freshener on all those Kurds,Iranians, Sunni's, and Shiite's or just about anyone he didn't like at the moment. Let's not forget what his son's did at any given moment to local people and CHILDREN.

In addition, buried way back in the newspapers a few weeks ago was the article about how the US military has stood guard over 550 metric TONS of Yellow cake which they finally succeeded in getting out of the country.......

They were afraid to publicize the stuff, for fear that the terrorists might try to apprehend some of it, or worse kill Americans by attempting to. According to experts, that was enough material to make 142 nuclear weapons.

Now take that information with the attached video of an assortment of our politicians with dreadfully short memories --- please watch it --- only makes one shake their heads in wonder. What is it gonna take????

Take 3 minutes to view this video and then send the link around the world. View it full screen so you can see the names and dates (should anyone not know who they are). Keep in mind, that OBAMA is on this band wagon as well....he wants to just go have little sit down talks and tea with Iran---who happen to be building WMD's and trying to acquire as much nuclear capability as possible at this moment.

The most despicable acts of deceit ongoing in this country... are the lies and hypocrisy... perpetrated by the people seen in this short video. The next time you hear the expression 'Bush's war' remember this video.

And note that this is not "opinion," just direct video.

http://www. bercasio. com/movies/dems-wmd-before-iraq. wmv

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Muslim Pedophiles-Arranged Marriages...Reasons for "Honor Killing"

If you watch the News at all, this past week there was a very good program about "Honor Killing." It the means by which a Muslim male will literally MURDER a female family member for non-scenical reasons such as but not limited to:

1. The female becomes to westernized
2. The female does not obey Sharia Law
3. The female does not follow strict rules set by the males of the house
4. The female becomes too well educated
5. The female simply pisses the males off in some capacity
6. The males feel their family are somehow being "dishonored" by a female
7. Repeat 1-7 and add Psychopath to the list

Honor killings are NOT honorable. They are MURDERS.

They are also spreading in the United States and Canada at an alarming rate. As more and more Muslim migrate to the US for a new life, and bring their families more women and female children are dying at the hands of their male counterparts because of NEANDERTHAL brainwashing and a religion that glorifies pedophilia along with female submission. (females are less valuable than a dog)

If a female earns a 4 year scholarship to a University with 3.5 or 4.0 GPA that is not good enough, or she has brought too much attention to herself. Too prideful. Somehow someway there will be FAULT found in it. Even though she is TOLD to do so, after the fact it will be an error.

If a female decides to empower herself and get a job be it part-time or full-time, she is literally setting herself up to be killed. She must NEVER dishonor her family---the MALES provide.

If she files for divorce because she is being beaten to DEATH by her husband, brother, son, uncle and any other males in the home, the WRONG party in this is the FEMALE. Why? Because she has dishonored the family for filing for divorce! Not the BRUTALITY of the ABUSERS who beat her for obscure reasons. Not the brother, uncle, second cousin removed, and even son who RAPE her and beat her. No they are blemish free. SHE is guilty because she is trying to LIVE--and get away.

Mohammed was a PEDOPHILE. Mohammed was a polygamist (one who has many wives) and a pedophile (one who has sex with children). He had twenty one wives and two slave girl concubines.

In Mohammed's first year at Medinah after fleeing from Mecca, Mohammed consummated his marriage to Ayisha, a young girl (jariyah) only 9 years old!

Most of the people of Mecca ignored Mohammed when he first started preaching. However they became annoyed when he started insulting and defaming their religions and they tried persuading him to stop this offensive behavior. Mohammed grew alarmed at the growing hostility against him. He slunk out of Mecca one night with a gang of his followers and fled for his life.

Ever since that incident, Mohammed was determined to take revenge on the Meccans. He escaped to Medinah, which had a sizable Jewish population, and started plotting his revenge. This was the beginning of Mohammed's trail of violence, hatred and bloodshed:

  • surprise raids and attacks on trade caravans and tribal settlements
  • the use of plunder thus obtained for recruiting an ever growing army
  • assassinations of opponents
  • blackmail
  • expulsion and massacre of the Jews of Medinah
  • attack and enslavement of the Jews of Khayber
  • rape of women and children
  • sale of these victims into slavery after rape
  • trickery, treachery and bribery employed to their fullest extent to grow the numbers of his religion Islam which ironically was supposed to mean 'Peace'!

(Islam more accurately means 'Submission'.)

Mohammed is the only founder of a major religion who was himself a ruler, conqueror, enslaver, bandit, polygamist and pedophile. Many have tried...a few have come close--but Mohammed takes the cake.

So when you see the so called "honor killings, or more truthfully, MURDERS happening in this Nation, it is because ISLAMS SUBMISSION is no longer in effect.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Finally the Recon 1 group does something!
For the most part anyway...

They engage a bit, which up until now, the series left you wondering if this Marine Recon group would actually ever DO anything a RECON group is suppose to do.

Iceman put it pretty well, the amount of training, the hours and hours and multiple amounts of different venues of training----to drive around and show some Reporters the countryside....OORAH Sir!

However, as mentioned before, the stellar leadership is still less than...passing up a FULL BLOWN IN YOUR FACE opportunity to DISPOSE OF and RID the world of TRUE BLUE insurgent TERRORISTS JIHAD fighters and their completely exposed weapons cache. Just sitting there, right off the roadside...and they drove right on past it....dooptie doo....

Uhhhh yea. Instead they blew up the ONLY SCHOOL within miles of any other town, with a weapons cache in it. Hmmm stellar leadership again. Oh but it was a controlled det. That makes it perfect right? Yea.

Of course you always have to have to the ONE soldier who is trigger happy because he has that surging amount of fear in him and he is so focused that he lays on the trigger and would shoot a mouse if it ran in the road....unfortunately this was a civilian driving a car...good shot though, right in the head (eye). Certainly stopped that vehicle from approaching after the smoke grenade warning shot.

But at this point, there isn't a true SOP for the rules of road blocks yet...its all trial and error. HEY, its war, not baking cookies.

Overall, it seems like Capt America is making a lot more noise and others are seeing that he has a few too many screws loose. Good thing too...he needs to be pulled from command. Hopefully BEFORE someone gets terribly hurt.

Stay tuned for next week!