~A Veteran~

A veteran - whether active duty, retired, national guard or reserve - is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America, for an amount of "Up to and including my life". That is honor, and there are far too many people in this country who no longer understand it. - Author Unknown

Thursday, July 10, 2008




On this website you will find a form letter (the following below) to send to your congressional leaders and representatives. After signing up, you be redirected with your information, and have a choice to either print the letter, or send it via email. I chose BOTH, hoping that the senators and representatives seeing it from both angles will understand the urgency to ACT. I do not assume that my ONE voice will make a difference, but I do know that hundreds of voices make an impact to large to ignore. Therefore I have sent this message and information forward to others in my own area, asking them to do likewise. With all of us gathering together, we can speak as one voice, to make a difference. Our Nation depends on us.

Do not hope that "others" will do something for you. You will not learn how to swim, unless you first get your feet wet, and then jump in.
Lets all go swimming!

High prices for energy are hurting me and my family and I strongly urge Congress to act immediately to lower costs for all Americans. Rampant speculation in the commodities futures market is driving up prices out of proportion to marketplace demands.

The problem is speculators are increasingly buying and selling commodities such as oil even though they have no intention of using the product. The unregulated speculators are pocketing billions of dollars at our expense. The cost of food has gone up, the price at the pump has gone way up, and I'm already concerned about how much more it will cost to heat my home this winter.

To lower oil prices for all Americans we need to increase domestic supply, exploration, alternative energy sources and conservation. We also must protect bona fide speculation and hedging.
To address excessive speculation, Congress should promptly take the following actions:

1. Re-establish strict position limits on energy commodities - Position limits have existed since 1936 and work well at curtailing excessive speculation. Any trader that is not hedging with the intention of taking physical delivery of a commodity must be subject to strict position limits in all contract months.

2. Close the London Loophole - Foreign Boards of Trade with U.S. Terminals trading futures contracts that cash-settle against U.S. contracts should face the exact same regulations as U.S. exchanges. It is not fair for U.S. futures exchanges to face more regulation than their foreign counterparts trading in U.S. commodities.

3. Regulate "swaps trades" - All trades in the over-the-counter (OTC) swaps market must be subject to strict position limits. It is unfair to exempt swaps dealers from the same regulations that other market participants face. Experts have estimated the size of the OTC markets as nine or ten times larger than the futures markets.

4. Fully close the "Enron loophole" - "Exempt Commercial Markets" that trade U.S. contract which are nearly identical to fully regulated contracts should no longer be exempt from the same regulations that apply to Designated Commercial Markets such as the NYMEX.

5. Bring transparency to all energy trading - Positions of traders in all markets should be reported to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and should be properly categorized based on where the trades occur and who is doing the trading. This will provide vital information that can be used to detect and prevent market manipulation.

By adopting these common-sense solutions, Congress can dramatically reduce the price of oil and gas, providing immediate relief for businesses, OUR NATION, and families like mine.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama, The Enemy Within

Duty, Honor, Country?

The moral code of our civilization—of this Nation is unraveling. The peace with freedom and justice that maintains our system of order and selfless sacrifice is diminishing.

Virtue, courage, modesty, and humility—the fibers of our treasured highest integrity and conducts are being replaced with selfishness, weakness, corruption, and virtuous conducts unbecoming our people.

I read in a Warrior’s novel recently that the Roman historian Livy, advised the best way to defeat an enemy (foreign) is to spread among its population the ideals of selfishness and hedonism.

It took only mere seconds for that ideal to sink in and the floodgates of Obama’s plan to overflow.

  1. Nationalized Health care—want for nothing. Hand out.

  2. Set income levels on labor jobs—For the government to spend more to help hard-hit Americans that will lead to higher borrowing costs and slow the economy--never fixing the deficit--hand out. Follow the rules-Communism/Marxism

  3. Outsourcing to Other Countries—less for our Nation-more unemployment-more hand outs-more people in the system.

  4. Education (bottom Tier) –Less spending-government controlled-keep the population ignorant-want for nothing (you don’t miss what you don’t know)

  5. Allowing Supreme Court Justices to override Military tribunals giving terrorists American due processes (liberal judges) across the board changing laws to suit terrorists through loop-hole civilian laws—chaos—no boundaries—no set rules—our nation becomes a free fire zone.

  6. All other nonsensical plans that Obama has yet to unveil simply because he does not want to give full disclosure but rather give charismatic run-around speeches—you can bet they are geared towards unraveling this Nation.

  7. The league of companions—his “friends.” --Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Hugo Chavez, FARC, Jeremiah Wright, Raila Odinga, ACLU....there are others...this is the immediate list. Terrorists, America Haters, and Christian Church burners who want to IMPOSE and DEMAND Sharia Law upon those who do not want it....and lets not forget, Dohrn--in 2007 still PRAISES Charles Manson for his murders.....yea great bunch of friends Obama has. Just the kind of guy you want as president...ahem.

Our Enemy is within.

We have been warned by literature, speakers, and scholars about the paths of an apostate Muslim. They will shake your hand with the right hand, and cause your destruction from within with the left hand; all the while swearing they are no longer or have never been of the Muslim faith.

The problem has always been that our population is geared towards “popularity” verses “rational reasoning.”

“Popularity” lends itself to instant gratification. You don’t have to think past “Yea but its different and I want change.” The Media could announce tomorrow that Obama has two other wives, each having three children—but it’s “OK” because they live in Jakarta and it would only cause a hiccup for a week. He would give some speech about his heritage, smile, and throw in a few “ahh ahh” stumbles while changing cue cards and yell “Hello Detroit!” or wherever he is per his typical rhetoric. This is hypothetical of course.

“Rational reasoning” on the other hand means you have to examine the facts, weigh the options, and consider the future ramifications of the choice you’re going to make. This means thought, time, energy, and discussion.

Everyone wants a degree of “change.” We want our economy to be eased, and frankly we were doing fine until the fuel prices went soaring. It is the root to many problems currently. We want our fuel prices comfortable again. (below $2 a gallon) We want our health care affordable, and education funded. We want our military and elderly taken care of, and to not have to worry about being poisoned or sickened by crops from other countries. We want our borders protected IMMEDIATELY--enough with the hesitation games and stalling. We want someone in office who is serious about illegal immigration, and cares NOT about rubbing elbows and appeasing foreign public outcry when we deport illegal immigrants. Enter this country legally, period.

This is a lot of overhauling of the systems, and 4 years is not enough time to completely adjust and “fix” what is not working. Yet Obama promises the moon and stars to every crowd he speaks to. That is politics. The problem is that the PEOPLE are beginning to truly believe the BS politico speeches. As if Obama has magic fairy dust to sprinkle upon the woe’s of our Nation and make everything all better. “Just believe in his “Change Campaign.”

Have we forgotten the stories our parents told us as children about taking candy from strangers?

You don’t have to love the war, or outsourcing, or gas prices, or food and commodity prices, or the lack of health care and decent education; or even the current administration.

What you do have to love is our COUNTRY.

Something greater than yourself, greater than the sum of all the people, and the whole of our future and future of this Nation. WE are the PEOPLE that decide—UNITED. DIVIDED we fall. Remember?

Obama wants--people to be equal, and that the way to achieve that is through allowing much more personal freedom—yet we will all have to “sign up” for free programs. (keep the free program folks accounted for—poor stay poor—rich stay rich)

He wants joyful togetherness, anarchy, epicurean ideas, multifaceted joy, diversion, friendship, tolerance, freedom, sexual freedom, sustainability of free programs, peace with terrorist nations, free access to information, a cosmopolitan existence, and a world without borders or discrimination, wants to re-start (or continue) the New World Order and everything else that is wonderful. (Sprinkling of fairy dust)

Here is your candy boys and girls, eat up!