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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cleric in Britain Warns of Rotting in Hell over Valentine's Day...

Here is my ten cents, because my two cents was free....
KMA cleric in Britain. Your personal opinion of Valentines Day is just that, a PERSONAL OPINION. So you practise the Islamic faith. Fine. That doesn't mean the rest of world has to follow your ideology you rotten pig! Yea, that is a reference to PORK.
If living in Britain causes you so much angst, how about moving to a Muslim country in the middle east so you wont have to witness MARRIED couples, engaged couples, boyfriends and girlfriends, and children who adore their parents respectfully on Valentines sharing gifts of love. It is because of GOD that they are able to express adoration and commitment to each other. It does not mean that these individuals who offer a flower, or a box of chocolates do not get up on that morning and praise God with prayers and faith.

How about all the children and moms and families that are constantly torn apart by the radical Islamic ideology???
Genesis 21:10. Hagar was a SLAVE woman. A BOND woman. She was not FREE. She was cast out, and the TRUE HEIR to Abraham--was Isaac. Ishmael was a SLAVE.

3rd February 2009

BONKERS hate preacher Anjem Choudary has warned Brit lovers that if they celebrate Valentine’s Day they will rot in Hell.

The controversial Muslim cleric rants that exchanging cards, sending roses or enjoying romantic candlelit dinners are “sordid acts influenced by the Devil”.

And he slams one of Britain’s favourite traditions as “a futile and evil festival, used to justify sinful actions such as free-mixing, promiscuity, vain sexual talk and even fornication”.

The London-born lawyer, who in his youth was a cider-drinking ladies’ man, penned the rant in his anti-West website The Islamist.

The 800-word article in the February edition is headlined Valentine’s Day Of Fornication and shows bloody pictures of hearts.

The cover of the mag shows pictures of Palestinian children killed during last month’s attacks by Israel in the Gaza Strip.

Inside Choudary, 41, gives over a page to Valentine’s Day, which millions of Brits will celebrate a week on Saturday.

The former leader of banned hate group al-Muhajiroun calls it a “Pagan festival” and says it “diverts” people away from “the submission and worship of Allah”.

He says: “Many view this day as harmless fun, an opportunity to show love and affections towards spouses and partners by exchanging cards, giving flowers and having candle lit dinners etc, not realising that its origin and current day practices conflict with the teachings of Islam.

And he reckons it is “unfortunate” people have been “duped” by romantic films and songs into celebrating it.

“The recognition of Valentine’s Day opens the door to the Devil to manipulate their behaviour, encouraging them to abandon their Islamic identity and to entertain desires of lust, to engage in pre-marital relations and in other evil practices,” he says.

“People should not succumb.

“Instead we should endeavour to attain the best form of love, which is exclusive love for Allah.

The rant is the latest in a string of bizarre attacks by the hardline nut.

In December he told Muslims enjoying Christmas was “the pathway to hellfire”, adding: “Purchasing trees and having Christmas turkey meals are completely prohibited by Allah.

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